Adrian Keats

Adrian Keats

Spiritual Author, Painter and Musician

Adrian Keats is a Canadian spiritual author, teacher and artist currently residing in Toronto. Born February 27, 1958 in Newcastle, New Brunswick, Canada, Adrian lived all of his childhood years in the Maritimes.


In 1981, Adrian moved to Toronto and embarked on a career as a spiritual advisor. He spent his life dedicated to his spiritual growth, development of his intuitive and psychic abilities as well as many avenues of creative expression. Adrian has taught classes, lectured on speaking with spirit, developed psychic abilities and perhaps most importantly in recent years, helped others with their awareness of their own inner light, healing abilities and opportunities to speak with God. He presently teaches classes on energy, intuition and spiritual self-development, and writes spiritual books.

​ Adrian always had a desire to be creative but that would take years to manifest in painting and music. Writing has always been a passion since the early eighties but only in the past couple of years has he devoted time to writing songs and creating melodies. Adrian's debut album was released in late 2020. His songs can be found on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube featuring songs such as ‘Running with the Devil’, ‘Superman Kissed Me’ and ‘I’m a Cowboy in My Dreams’.


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