Adrian Keats

Book Release

I’m Adrian Keats and this is my published book

Painting With God

Over the years, I have taught classes, lectured on speaking with spirit, developed psychic abilities and perhaps most importantly in recent years helped others with their awareness of their inner light, healing abilities and opportunities to speak with God.

I presently teach classes on energy, intuition and spiritual self-development, and write spiritual books.

Available in eBook and Paperback on Amazon (in most countries), Barnes & Noble and other retailers.
Prayers and affirmations are included in Painting With God as a means to utilize in your personal lives on a daily basis.

Unlocking the Secrets of Creative
Expression, Healing and The Kundalini

Finding God within

Painting with God has given me an opportunity to connect with God on a much deeper level creatively, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. God has revealed himself in ways I never believed possible through healing, love and light. Painting with God has been a miracle for me. It has allowed me to tap my own healing energy and has greatly enhanced my creativity through my art.

Painting with God evokes an image of many people who are desiring to open themselves up to their creative side and to release all those capabilities they've kept pent up for most of their lives. Painting with God allows people to give themselves permission to express their creative abilities that have been hidden or locked away for a long period of time.

​ I believe there are people in the world who have healing abilities and these gifts are phenomenal. I believe as each of us learn to tap these abilities which we have inwardly, and this is only my personal belief, we all have the ability to heal if we so choose.

​ Within each of us is a God energy and let’s suppose we call this God energy the Kundalini. When you access your Kundalini, then and only then, can you know the true power of healing.

If you believe strongly in God and in God’s healing abilities, then I believe your development might be faster than most. I think and I would hope in the years ahead we all could come together as healers and appreciate the Divine Light within us that God has given us. ​

This is what I believe Atlantis was all about. ​